UnknownBookClub BB at TamRootbeer.com

The UnknownBookClub was discontinued as of December, 2005.  The reason for this was that it was being spammed by porn sites and filling up my webspace.  Sorry, always the bad apples, right?

Here is the background of it in case you'd like to know.  It was started when my pal, Margaret, and I belonged to and were the leaders of the now defunct bookclub at ParentsPlace.com.  Being the leaders for that BB, we decided to continue on our own once everyone else jumped ship.  

The Unknown BookClub files of October 2001 through November 2002 reside at Geocities unless it has been set as inactive by them.  Click the link below and if it is active, you can view the books that Margaret and I have read for our awesome two woman group,

The Unknown BookClub! at Geocities.com

Be warned that if you are looking at it via the Brevard County Schools network, that you will not be allowed to view it as they block all Geocities sites.  This is totally understandable because there are many sites in Geocities that are not appropriate for children.  But, as a free website provider, they are easy to use. When I first started creating websites there in 1997, the problem was not as rampant as it now is. This is also why I have created my own website, TamRootbeer.com!

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