My March 2008 Video of How to Make White Trash, AKA Reindeer Chow
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I love to cook.  Here are some other yummies I have created.


This is a foccacia bread that I made based on a copycat recipe for the bread they serve at the Macaroni Grill.  The site I got the recipe from was  It is a great spot to find out how to make your restaurant favorites! You can find the basic recipe for this bread by clicking on the photo.

One cool thing about this recipe is that you only have to let it rise one time.  Most breads take 2 or more times.  I used a cake pan to make it, so it was extra thick.  I think next time I will spread it out like pizza dough.  I put the toppings on after about 25 minutes, I spread them evenly on top and then punched them in with my fingertips.  Then, I let it rise 5 to 8 more minutes more.  The topping is a combination of: 1 tomato - seeded and diced, 3 LARGE garlic cloves mashed with a teaspoon salt, 1 TBS olive oil,  about 3/4ths cup of grated Asiago cheese, 10 or 12 large fresh basil leaves chopped, and 20 or 30 fresh oregano leaves.


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Margaret and I read "Consuming Passions"  by Michael Lee West as our November 2002 book club choice.  I tried the author's recipe for "Better Than Sex Cake".  Here it is.  It was pretty darn good, but it wasn't THAT good!  LOL!



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Check back and see some of the simple recipes I am sending to my little sister, the doctor who can't cook.


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