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Another note (Added 1/29/06) is that I have not had as much time these past few years to REALLY Garden.  I have resorted to a few large pots outside the front door.  I grow mostly herbs and tomatoes.  It is a lot easier to remember to water and fertilize when you walk by them several times per day. Hence, I don't use the rasied bed garden at this time.  But, it is still there in case I decide to give it a go.

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Below you will find my regular veggie garden.   I also have an herb garden. Click to see it!

Here is my garden as of November 9th 2001.

Here in Florida we have two growing seasons.  

One is in Spring and one is in Fall.

I have a raised bed garden, 3 feet wide by 12 feet long.

A patch of green beans just in time for Thanksgiving.

A close-up of the yummy green beans!


Mixed Lettuces look like a verdant jungle...mmmmm...

Here is the lettuce, on the right of some mixed hot peppers.  

Between them you can see a tiny row of green onions.


Snow peas are super easy to grow here.

They are on the left, cucumbers are on the right.

In front of them are some bell peppers.

Behind them there are morning glories growing up the trellis.

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Updates as of November 16, 2002.





Here are some cucumbers that are on the trellis now (11/16/02).  They actually grew from a seed that survived in the soil this whole last year.  I had left one cucumber on the vine.  It fell to the ground and this is it's baby. Here are some of its fruit, and let me tell you they are fantastic!

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Update on the garden as of 3/18/2003

I planted stuff a few weeks ago. Click on the individual thumbnails below to see what's growing!

garden32003.jpg (97843 bytes)

The photo above shows the main garden.  In the foreground are zucchini or yellow squash ( I forget which I planted there), green onions from last season in flower, and jalapeno pepper plants around the corners.  The peppers and marigolds are planted all around the edges of the garden to discourage pests - both mammals like bunnies and bugs like aphids.  In the middle of the bed are green beans and cucumbers climbing the ladder.  On the far end is a giant radish (see below) and a tomato.

garden320032.jpg (114474 bytes)

The photo above is of what used to be my asparagus patch. The asparagus finally pooped out.  I am experimenting with strawberries in the bed now.  You can also see some of my herbs - oregano, mint, & basil. There are more jalapenos and marigolds all around.  Some sad spinach and some green leafy lettuce that is doing well are in the foreground.

radroot.jpg (97575 bytes)    radflow.jpg (55536 bytes)

Above is the monster radish. It has been growing since last fall and is now about 3 to 4 feet tall and flowering at the top.  The flowers are very pretty!  I am just letting it do its thing to see what happens.  Can you believe it got this big!?

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Update on the garden as of 5/5/2003

There has been a lot going on in the past month or so.  Everything is ripening. Below is my cucumber which is growing up an 8 foot lattice!  It has a ton of tiny fruit and some big ones that I picked this past weekend.  I also picked green beans, the plants of which you can see at the base of the cukes.

Below, a lizard surveys the flowers of an accidental grape tomato.  It sprouted from the seeds of last season's crop.  There are at least 50 tiny fruits on this one plant.  To the right of the tomato flowers are the blooms of one of our Mimosa trees.  So pretty!


Here are two squash plants.  Yes! Two!  The one to the left, with the darker, pointier leaves is a zucchini. On the right with the lighter, rounder leaves is a yellow squash plant.  They are loaded with flowers and fruit.

I found this little elephant at a garage sale last weekend. It is 4 inches high.
He reminded me of the tiny one that was in a Looney Tunes episode, so I just had to take him home!

That's all for the Garden

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