Herb Garden

As you must know, food tastes better when you add flavorings and the natural taste of herbs is the best!  Fresh herbs are even better than that, so I grow my own in a kitchen garden right outside the back porch.  Here you can see parsley on the left, garlic chives on the right, behind the chives is sage.  The Bon-Sai looking tree is actually a Rosemary bush.  I started twisting its long branches around each other and they turned into trunks and the long leafy strands that hang down make it look very Oriental.

 I found the Blue Lady at a garage sale for .50c.  The pool she gazes into was another buck at another sale. 


Below is the opposite view of my main herb garden.  As you can see, I try to decorate it with garden ornaments.  It makes it prettier.  The butterfly stepping stone was a Christmas gift from my husband, Eric. The rocks next to the Blue Lady are Geodes found by my father on one of his many rockhounding trips.


Here is a group of herbs and other plants.  The tall thing in the back is a bay tree. Yes, those big leaves you simmer in the sauce and then discard.  It is pretty easy to grow, though it had a case of scale that took a while to get rid of.  It is in a large terra cotta pot. In front of the bay tree are some other pots containing basil, jalapeno peppers and a cactus that Erin used in a diorama she made of the desert in  second grade.




Looking at the same group of plants from the other direction, you can see a pot of oregano and a taller pot of mint. Behind them are the basil, peppers and bay tree.



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