I love to read all kinds of things about a myriad of topics. The past few years have found me trapped within the world of Chick books like The Sweet Potato Queen series by Jill Connor Brown and The Idiot Girl books by Laurie Notaro. My advice, if you read any of these, is to make sure not to be eating or drinking anything while you do.  They are so funny, you might asphyxiate yourself.  At the very least, your drink might come out your nose! Seriously. You have been warned!


Click the link below and you can view the books that Margaret and I have read for our awesome two woman group.

The Unknown BookClub! @ Geocities

BookClub Info here @ TamRootbeer

Note: The Unknown BookClub is partially at Geocities.  Be warned that if you are looking at it via the Brevard County Schools network, that you will not be allowed to view it as they block all Geocities sites.  This is totally understandable because there are many sites in Geocities that are not appropriate for children.  But, as a free website provider, they are easy to use. When I first started creating websites there in 1997, the problem was not as rampant as it now is. This is also why I have created my own website, TamRootbeer.com!

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