Guess what I found in my chicken pen a few weeks ago?  I didn't get a photo of it then as it slithered off when I ran in for my camera.  I knew if I was just patient enough, it would return.


I was right, and that day was today! Here it is!

snakeinnest3.jpg (43463 bytes)            snakeinnest2.jpg (46000 bytes)            snakeinnest1.jpg (58754 bytes)

Yellow Rat Snake!


This one is about four feet long. Near as I can figure, it lives under an old wooden box that used to store the chickens' food.

You can find out more information about the Yellow Rat Snake at this link from the University of Florida and the Florida Museum of Natural History. I learned a lot about them. In fact, I learned that they eat birds and their eggs and are known as Chicken Snakes because they sometimes eat baby chicks.  My chickens are much too big to worry about this aspect of the creature. I have to say that trading a couple eggs a week in exchange for it eating all the rats it can catch is well worth it.

Created & Copyrighted
April 10, 2005
By Tamara Hedley Rutenber