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Bowling for Soup Goes Back to Class!
Lesson Plans for Teachers

As I said previously, Bowling For Soup (BFS) is perhaps the coolest band around. One main reason is that they aren't the maudlin, depressing punk bank you are used to; they are proud of their happy lyrics.  Even the songs based upon sad subjects are upbeat in tempo and optimism that things will get better.  Cripes, you listen to these CDs in the car and you'd better be careful because you could laugh yourself right off the road!  To read  more on this Get Happy effect, click on the Backstage Link at the bottom of the BFS website. They also inhabit

Here's a video from YouTube, it's an interview with the could you NOT love them?!

Bowling for Soup @ the House of Blues
Orlando, July 2006
Lesson Plans for BFS Lyrics/Poetry
When We Die
The Hard Way

My new job is taking way too much time and it's been hard to get this done.  And as promised, Jaret, I will get them done; just gonna take my lazy bottom a lot longer. 

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