When We Die ~*~ Brainstorm                 Name: _________________________  Date:___________


Situation:  Think of a person you knew who is no longer in your life.  Maybe this is a loved one who passed away or a friend who moved out of town.  If you had a chance to tell them one thing, what would it be?  Fill out the table below to reflect your answer.  If this has not happened to you, pretend you have a friend who would love to say a proper goodbye to a childhood friend who moved away suddenly.

Name of Person

How You Knew Them

One Thing You’d Tell Them

Explain Why











Situation:  Do you know somebody who has ruined a friendship? Think of ways they could say they are sorry for causing the end of the friendship.  If the person they hurt would listen, what would the reaction be?  This is not meant to dredge up mean feelings, but to honestly think about apologizing.  Fill out the table below to reflect your answer. 

What Offending Person Did

How They Would Say They Are Sorry

How You Think the Offended Person Would React

Explain Why











The Chance To Make It Right:  Many people let anger and resentment stand in the way of living a positive life. They fill their days with negativity and believe the world is out to get them.  They constantly are given chances to right the wrongs in their lives.   What pieces of advice would you give these people to help them not pass up the chance to make their lives right?  Fill in each part of the diamond with a gem of advice!