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The Hard Way

This song can be found on the CD/Album titled Drunk Enough to Dance.   It's available from local CD shops or for around $10.00.  The song you can buy as a single from for .88c.  If using the whole CD, be aware that other songs have some explicit lyrics.

The main reasons I like this song is that there are a lot of double meanings in the lyrics and the end rhyme is unusual; as with many of Jaret's songs, there may be 4 to 6 lines in a row ending in the same sound.  You just don't find that much in poetry, let alone song lyrics.  I did leave out repetition of the chorus because I wanted it to fool kids into thinking it is a poem, not a song, and I also wanted it to fit on one side of a piece of paper (it's a teacher thing).

Here  are the parts of the lesson in three formats; use those you feel most comfortable with and remember to always give credit to the authors; Jaret Reddick and Bowling for Soup as the writer and performers of the song; and me as the creator of this lesson plan and the associated documents.

The Hard Way Lesson Plan HTML PDF DOC
The Hard Way Lyrics HTML PDF DOC
The Hard Way Brainstorm Worksheet HTML PDF DOC

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the PDF files. The DOC files were created with Microsoft Word.

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I am really looking forward to Jaret's thoughts on this to see if I interpreted the song as he meant.  Will update this page at that time. 

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