Eventually, I would like to have a bunch of resources for teachers on this portion of my website.  Here are a few to get you started!

PLEASE NOTE:  It is YOUR job to preview these things for appropriateness based upon the age, grade, and maturity of your students.  If I link to another website, it is because I found it cool.  It might not be appropriate for your students either and would need to be previewed by you as well.  I can not control what others put on their sites, I only control this one.

Bowling for Soup Lesson Plans
First, as some of you know, my favorite band is Bowling For Soup. They are fabulous, and what makes them so for the English teacher in me is the fact that their lyrics are so well-written.  Lead singer Jaret Reddick writes most of their songs and has given me the go-ahead to create some lesson plans based upon a few. If you want to freak your students out with your hipness, raise your rock hands and teach them some poetry!  Or, if you are just interested in what a punk band from Texas thinks, boy howdy, this is for you! (I have listed the Florida and Texas high school language arts standards that apply so you can choose those that most fit your lesson.) Click here to go back to class with BFS and see why High School Never Ends!

Treasure Island Resources
If you are a fan of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, and you religiously celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day (Every September 19th), you are indeed lucky because I have posted my resources here.

Tam's Video Page
I have a new digital camera that I use for work.  It has the ability to make short videos. I can download them to my computer, use Windows Movie Maker to edit them, and TA DA!  Tam's Video Page.

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