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Robert Louis Stevenson, as any good pirate knows, literally WROTE THE BOOK! If you teach it, love it, want to sh-ARGH-pen your pirate IQ, or just want to check it out, here ya go, Matey!

These are mainly vocabulary building exercies that should be used at the beginning of the novel.  You will be surprised how many students think sabers and cutlasses are really cars.  All are .PDF files, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access them.  Right click on any, choose Save Target As, and you can save them to your hard drive. Some are not high quality, but use them if you want.

Map of Treasure Island
Pirate Vocabulary List (Followed by two crossword puzzles)
Pirate Vocabulary Puzzle One - Words (Use with Vocab List above)
Pirate Vocabulary Puzzle One - Phrases (Use with Vocab List above)
Parts of a Ship Worksheet (Followed by two diagrams)
Parts of a Ship Parts Numbered (Goes with worksheet)
Parts of a Ship Parts Labeled (Goes with worksheet)

Learn how to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day, an international holiday celebrated every September 19th!
They also have some more great teacher resources including a curriculum guide in case you need even MORE help making yer swabs feel keelhauled!
They've got a fantastic links page with lots of cool sites listed.

The best video version?  Hands down, the one starring Charlton Heston as Long John Silver, directed by his son (Fraser Heston), and costarring a young Christian Bale (the new Batman). has it available from independent sellers.


NOTE:  I have to give a hearty thank ye to Ms. Elizabeth Brune, my high school English teacher.  This book was our 9th grade novel and she loved it with a passion that made all of us students love it too.  Thanks, Ms. B!  I hope you know how much you taught me!

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