Chick Trip 2002

June 11th

Pensacola, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana


We had a wake-up call so we could get on the road early.  We said goodbye to Florida.

We needed to get to New Orleans, Louisiana, by noon.  We were meeting and staying with a pen pal of mine!  Her name is Margaret and we have been pen pals since 1997 or so.  We were co-leaders of an online bulletin board book club.  We also happened to be the only two members who stuck with it.  Over the years, she has had two babies and I have gotten my Masters Degree and changed jobs. Through it all, our love of books and encouragement for each other have held our friendship together and made it blossom!


We entered Louisiana just fine.  When we got to the big I-10 bridge that goes over to New Orleans, we did get into a bit of a traffic snarl due to construction on the bridge.  However, I must say that the people did a great job; only a couple acted poorly.  Hundreds of us got our 3 lanes down to 1 in order to cross the bridge! It only took 25 minutes so that is not too bad.


After all this chaos, we finally made it to Margaret's house, where she and her three little people were waiting for us.  Margaret had made us authentic Cajun red beans and rice and was it terrific! And what do you do after a nice lunch?

The Answer is read a book together!

Eleanor, Louis, and The Answer all listen carefully as Lela reads to them.


After this, the kids went for a rest and Lela and I went into the heart of the Big Easy!  We took a cab both ways so we would not have to find a place to park.  It was fun and our cab driver on the way in was a great story teller, making sure to give us lots of touristy things to check into. Of course, his main comment about New Orleans was that the only things to do are to eat at all the awesome restaurants and to go to the Mardi Gras celebrations every Spring.

Once we got into town and wandered a bit, we made sure to take some photos.  Here are some of us standing in front of an old but beautiful brick wall.


We got some shots by the main square down in the French Quarter.


Of course we did the things that everyone does down in the Quarter. We had to stop for a coffee and beignets at the Cafe Du Monde and then for a Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's. We also checked out the VooDoo store across the street from Pat O'Brien's and some other cool shops like the Little Shop of Fantasy.



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