Chick Trip 2002

June 12th

New Orleans, Louisiana


On our second day in New Orleans, we got up late and saw the two older kids off to school.  Henry had taken the day off so we could do a little visiting and sight seeing.  I must say that this was the most fun day we spent in New Orleans.  I am so thankful to have met such wonderful people on the side streets of the Superhighway!

Margaret and I had sworn that if we ever got together in her home town that we would visit a certain little restaurant that was mentioned in one of the first books we read together. The book, Along the Edge of America, was written by Peter Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins was kind enough to contact our little club and discuss his work with us a bit. Back to the restaurant, which is called Uglesich's. Henry had read that it was awesome and even knew how to get there easily so off we four adults trooped with the lovely lady Camille.  Too true, we had not any trouble finding and parking; we were also lucky to arrive just before the big lunch crowd moved in. 


 I think that Camille ate the whole plate of French Fries!  We all had some lovely spicy seafoods and the fried green tomatoes were pretty good too! 

That's all of us below!
Lela, Tamara (Me), Margaret, Camille & Henry and the remains of a wonderful meal!

It was great; to have a dream come true like this after several years of talking about it!  Margaret always dared me to come to Nawlins so we could go eat at Uglisich's

After lunch, Henry drove us on a tour of the Garden District and Margaret pointed out all the places that author Anne Rice has had a hand in refurbishing.  We went by a couple universities and I took these photos of them for Shea because it will probably be as close to them as he'll ever get unless he spends time at Mardi Gras when he's in college.


After our tour, which was so much better than taking the cable car thing thanks to Henry's tactical driving, we went on home.  Henry went out and got Eleanor and Louis from school.  Here they are on their way into the house.


Lela spent the afternoon reading and snoozing on the cool porch Henry is building in the back yard.



After everyone rested, Margaret, Lela and I took Louis and Eleanor to climb the "mountain" and hike the "valley".  This was actually the dike and retaining area of Lake Ponchatrain, which is only a few houses away from where Henry and Margaret live.  It was a nice walk.


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