Chick Trip 2002

June 16th

Las Cruces, New Mexico to Deming, New Mexico

This page will take a while to load, lots of pictures!

We got up extra early today to go visit White Sands National Monument near Alamogordo, New Mexico. 

We played in the sand and took a bunch of pictures. Below, we each took a photo of the other from across a massive flat area with the hills of sand behind us.  Can you see us in the distance? This sand is awesome and there is so much of it; just as far as the eye can see!


What was the sand like?


The Answer is that it was surprisingly easy to walk on.  It was compact and cool to warm in temperature, even in the sun, which I think must be because of its color and because we made a point to be there as early as possible (8 to 11 AM).







We walked on the boardwalk that takes visitors across the dunes and through a typical habitat in this desert.  We saw many lizards, including some that were a beautiful white and light turquoise. They were too small and quick for me to get a picture of them.





How could we resist it? We got out the sunscreen, slathered ourselves with it and put the top down.  It was still early in the morning and was not very hot.


While walking the sands, we took photos of some of the beautiful plant life. The Yucca on the left was trying so hard to survive. Did you know that it can be several feet long, that it grows enough to keep its head (leaves) above the rising and falling level of the sand.  The tree on the right has had its roots exposed by the shifting of the sands, providing homes to many of the desert creatures.


All in all, Lela and I had an outstanding time at the White Sands National Monument. If you visit, you should definitely take water and drink it!  The sun dries you out bigtime!  Sunscreen is also a good idea; along with hats and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the blinding white gypsum crystals that give this awesome place its name!


When we finished exploring White Sands, we headed back to Las Cruces.


We had lunch at a little family-owned restaurant called El Comedor. Awesome, outstanding food! The service was also excellent.  If you want authentic Mexican food, this is the place!  The salsa and chips were great - aka SPICY! On top of that, the prices were super reasonable! We shared and it cost us only $11.00 altogether.


After lunch, we checked out several of the local wineries.  The Blue Teal Winery (which we actually stopped at on the way  to the restaurant) was lovely and the man who helped us select our wines was very knowledgeable and funny! We got an awesome raspberry champagne! Next winery stop was near the La Posta restaurant we'd visited yesterday.  It was called Mademoiselle de Santa Fe and this was actually a tasting room for the vineyard. After that we headed for La Vina Winery.  It was several miles outside of town, but the drive through walnut and pecan orchards was magical. I think we got 5 or 7 bottles of wine on this day.

When we were done touring the wineries of Southern New Mexico, we drove the couple hours to Deming, New Mexico to spend the night. We relaxed and worked on writing postcards, updating the notes for our trip, and we had a dinner of fruit, cheese and crackers in our room.


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