Chick Trip 2002

June 17th

Deming, New Mexico to Gila New Mexico

This page will take a while to load, lots of pictures!

This morning we checked out the Rock Hound State Park near Deming.  It is pretty picked over, but the trails through it are nice and paved and an easy walk even though you do climb up and down the mountain there. The cool thing about it is that you can keep anything you find as long as your total find is under 15 pounds per person.

After fiddling around here for an hour, we drove from Deming to Silver City.  

What's the coolest thing was that we stopped at? The Answer is a place called the City of Rocks State Park.  

Holy cow! This out of the way place is not very far off of the main road (US 180) and is so cool!  They even have a neat sign at their entrance because you can see the whole park from the ridge the sign sits on; you can see it behind  The Answer and me above and from the road below.

They also have camping and picnic areas, so if you have the time this would be a perfect place to spend a night.  Some of the rocks look a bit precarious; below, check out this one that looks like it will roll down the hill and smoosh the car!

Here is another one; a huge boulder is held up by a tiny rock.

Another cool thing that we found out is that Indians used this area as a camp. They ground grains on the rocks, which over time created holes.  Here you can see some of the holes; Lela points to a less obvious one.


We had a great time hiking through the rocks and taking photos.  In fact, we did fashion shoots! The photos are much larger, so you can click on the thumbnails below to view the larger version including this one that became my website's main photo!





From the City of Rocks State Park, we drove through Silver City.  We were starving so after a quick stop at the Chamber of Commerce, we headed to Jalisco's which serves wonderful Mexican food and really hot salsa! Totally full we then headed toward our home for the next week, the Casitas de Gila, after making quick stops to do our laundry and shop at the Super Wal-Mart to stock up on yummies of course! 

Speaking of the Casitas de Gila, it is a wonderful little bed and breakfast, nestled in the hills near Gila, New Mexico.  But be warned, the road is rocky and somewhat scary for us flat-landers! When we arrived, we met Becky O'Conner, who owns the Casitas with her husband, Michael.  She showed us about and gave us the rundown on how to live in an adobe house! (By the way, Becky and Michael were so used to driving that crazy road that they must have thought we were quite wimpy to let it freak us out so much!) You can see them on the top of the little hill in the distance.  This was the last leg of the road, but it still had a lot of ups and downs to get to the Casitas from where I took this pictures.  Aren't the adobe houses just too cute, they blend in with the hillside perfectly!


We could not use the nifty fireplace because it was really too hot and there was a ban due to wild fires being extremely likely during the drought.  But it looked good.  Maybe one day we will get back when it is cooler. 

Our Casita was called the Casita de los Arboles, the Little House of the Trees! Check out the limbs sculpted into the fireplace above The Answer and me.  The house was totally done in the tree theme, it was wonderful! Michael and Becky basically built this and the other Casitas themselves. We were in awe!

No TV, no radio (mainly because there were no radio stations near enough to get tuned in) and no neighbors other than the other Casitas.  There is also no AC, which would have killed my DH, Eric, who in another life had to be an Eskimo.  There is a heater for the cooler months, but we did not use it. The weather was PERFECT!



The kitchen was stocked!  The fridge held fresh fruit salad, muffins, juice, milk, and lots of other stuff.  The cupboards were full of cereals and most everything you'd need to make a meal.  With what the Casita was stocked with, we had gotten enough at the Wal-Mart to keep us for the week!




Below are thumbnails of Lela sitting in the really cool chair that was in our living room and us after we arrived...totally exhausted from a very, very long day! Check out the beautiful tree-branch headboards on the beds!

cdglelachair.jpg (79592 bytes)        cdglelaexh.jpg (66621 bytes)        cdgtamexh.jpg (47317 bytes)

The evening was spent watching the stars, drinking our Raspberry Champagne and bitching!  Ahhh...a Chick Trip, just what we needed!


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