Chick Trip 2002

June 18th

Gila, New Mexico

OK, OK, I can NOT help it! I am an early bird; a chicken if you will...I get up with the sun and get sleepy when it sets.  So, that said, I feel comfortable saying I was up at 5:45 (which was really 7:45 in Florida, so there!) and having coffee on the front porch when old Sol showed his head above the hills in the East.



The birds were fantastic.  There were hummingbirds galore, and lots of other species. Lela, on the other hand, stayed her lazy self in bed till 7:45 New Mexico time!  Here is the feeder that was right next to our place.  You can see a female Cardinal on the feeder and some rose colored house finches on the ground. Below is the hummingbird feeder that was just outside our door.  Let me tell you, it certainly provided hours of major entertainment! 

After we were both awake and ready for the day, we went for a walk down into the ravine. The Casitas all sit on the edge of a cliff; the view is truly without parallel! 

Michael and Becky have several horses.  They mainly live in the ravine where there are Cottonwood trees for shelter and water in Bread Creek, which flows through the valley.  Due to the drought, Michael did have to fill the horses' water trough from a hose run all the way down the hill.  They thought we had some goodies for them so they followed us on our adventure.




We walked up a ravine and looked for any rocks we thought were pretty.  Lela found a large, beautiful Fire Agate. For those of you who don't know, this stone has shiny bits inside of it that shine and flicker like fire as you turn the stone from side to side. They are really pretty after they have been polished!  I found a fossilized shell (I think) that was pretty neat.


We also took some photos of the gnarled trees that lined the creek bed.  There were also several blossoms of Prickly Poppies.


cdgfreakytree.jpg (64560 bytes)            cdgpricklypoppies.jpg (70880 bytes)

We stopped under the huge Cottonwood trees at the base of the cliff there the Casitas perch and took a short rest in the hammock there strung.


Here is the view of the Casitas from the side of Bear Creek. Don't they look gorgeous against the blue sky!



We snacked lightly at lunch time because that night we planned to try our hand at making buffalo burgers. Becky sells it to those who stay at the Casitas.  It is pretty good and we were glad we tried it.  Of course, we had to try several times before we could get the charcoal grill going.  What a hoot!  Then the flies found out that we were making FOOD so they came zooming in, little suspecting that they would meet their doom under Lela's masterful swatting!  Talk about laughing! What's funnier is when you look at the photo below and realize she was swatting and drinking her wine; a true multi-tasking feat!

cdgkillfly.jpg (58994 bytes)

I also treated Lela to some Bruschetta that I made. I mixed a bit of bleu cheese, butter, freshly chopped basil and parsley from Becky's herb garden, some garlic powder and chopped tomato. Then I used it to top sliced of crusty French bread and broiled them in the oven until bubbly and hot!  This, a salad, and the buffalo burgers made up our dinner this night.

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