Chick Trip 2002

June 19th

Gila, New Mexico & Silver City, New Mexico

WARNING: This was a traumatic day!                                          We should have known things were going too smoothly.                                             Thankfully, we were helped by many wonderful people!                 Thanks Rena!                Thanks Jeff!                   Thanks Gail!                       Thanks Michael and Robert the towtruck guys!                              Thanks Jim W. & Masterguard Automotive Warranty Services!                      

Ahhh... a beautiful morning! I go out to repark the car so that it is not facing as directly into the sun.  Click, click, click! It won't turn over; it just keeps clicking. Obviously the alternator!  OK, I got that extended warrantee for a reason, to use it!  I waited until the company, Masterguard  Automotive Warranty Services, was open and called them. I spoke with Jim W. a manager who just happened to be in that early and who just happened to have worked for Volkswagen.  Together we worked out which mechanics in town (Silver City - 30 miles away) I could call for help.  

I chose Jeff's Certified Auto Service Center.  When I called, Jeff Turner, the owner, answered the phone.  I explained our situation and gave him directions.  I also requested a flat bed trailer to tow my little car because it would have been impossible for a regular tow truck to haul it along that bumpy, rocky, steep and swervy road! We spent the day reading and I got more and more worried and heart-thumpy! Finally, at 1:00 PM, Robert and Michael showed up with their tow truck.  Once stowed upon it bed, they and I hopped into the cab and off we went!  I bought us all water at the Gila store  (THE - as in, there is only ONE store - heehee) and on we went to Silver City.

We arrived at Jeff's Certified Auto Service Center and I was directed to the office/waiting area. I met Rena Turner, Jeff's wife, who runs the office portion of the business.  She happened to be puppy sitting for a friend of hers - more on that later. In the meantime, while I sat and fretted, we chatted about things.  Rena asked me what I did for a living and I said I was technology specialist for an elementary school.  Then she asked me if I knew anything about digital cameras. Well, from then on, the time flew by and in the two hours it took to determine that yes the alternator was bad as well as the battery, we had figured out how to work her camera, hook it and its printer up to her laptop computer and print out pictures!  She had all these things just sitting in her truck and was, in her words, "Praying for an angel to show her how to use it" before her daughter's wedding the next month.  She told me that she sure didn't pray for my car to break down.

What's the friendliest place in Silver City to take your broken down car? The Answer is Jeff's Certified Auto Service Center!


Rena's friend, Gale, came by to pick up her puppy and to check on her own truck, which literally had a rat's nest in it.  Something about a roll of paper towels or something that the rats found to be perfect bedding for their babies.  We talked for a while and got on rather famously while I waited for the good people at Enterprise Rent-A-Car to pick me up and deliver me a car to drive.  Jeff had been able to locate an alternator and was having it shipped ASAP to Silver City.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car picked me up at Jeff's and we went to their offices to fill out the paperwork to rent a car.  Luckily, the Masterguard people have a deal with Enterprise which makes paperwork a minimum.  I drove out and headed back to Lela and the Casita.


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