Chick Trip 2002

June 21st

Gila, New Mexico & Glenwood, New Mexico

Today we decided to go to a place known as The Catwalk. 

We took a short break at the Gila post office to mail out Lela's grandson a birthday present and send out some postcards. While there, we checked out the Gila Library! There it is, parked across the street.  Behind the library is the Gila general store.  THE... as in ONE... store!  It really was a neat little place and stocked everything you'd need!  Impressive! The red car in the foreground is our rental (parked at the USPS in Gila - this is just about the whole town in one shot).



On the way to the Catwalk, we stopped at a little side road that crossed into Arizona and looked for Apache Tears. These are tiny bits of obsidian.  We found a bunch along the fenceline of a cattle ranch. 

 After that, it was on to the Catwalk.  The climb was strenuous and combined with the 104 + degree temperatures, made it a challenge to walk the whole way.  There were huge Cottonwood trees along the creek, though not much water because of the drought. The Catwalk was constructed to help pipe water from up in the ravine down to the mines in the valley.  To maintain their pipeline, they created a series of metal walkways.  What a great idea it was to turn these into a hiking trail for people!  As you can see, it does get a bit hairy and looking down between your feet, through the wires, is a bit eerie. 


Lela stopped and waited for Tam as she hiked the last 2/10ths of a mile to the end of the trail. The last little bit goes over this tiny suspension bridge.  Heading back after a triumphant finish!

After we were finished with our climbing for the day, we called Jeff and got the good news that the car was ready to go. We drove into Silver City to pick it up and drop off the rental car.

We got back to the Casitas and had a salad and more Bruschetta bread for dinner with a bottle of our wine.  We could not resist the temptation of the hot tub and figured that was just what we should be doing on our vacation!


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