Chick Trip 2002

June 22nd

Gila, New Mexico & Silver City, New Mexico

Ahhh... a Saturday morning in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.  We had a dinner date with our two new friends and were looking forward to it immensely. We planned to head into town around noon and check out a couple thrift shops and other things in Silver City. Just outside of town, I heard a little flippity noise from under the hood and the AC stopped pumping out cold air.  It stopped and I thought...hmmm...just the air conditioning.  But, soon after passing the middle of town, there was another ruckus of shredding belts from under the hood.  We ended up pulling into a driveway just south of Silver City.  A nice young man named Brandon was outside of his house working on something mechanical.  He authenticated my analysis that the alternator belt was shredded and if I drove the car much farther it could ruin the brand new battery and who knows what else.  We asked if he could let us leave the car there on the side of his drive way until we could have the car picked up.  Then he let us call a rental car company in town.  Enterprise was closed so we ended up calling Taylor Car Sales and Rental.  There was a man there, thank goodness.  Brandon even drove us into town to Taylor's.  I tell you, everyone in Silver City seemed nicer than the last.  He certainly was our hero that day.

So, Anthony at Taylor Car Sales and Rentals got us into our second rental car. Sigh!  We had a few hours to kill before we were to meet Gale and Rena at the Opera House.  I had a complete crying breakdown I was so upset at the car situation.  Lela tried to calm me, but I told her to just let me get it out!  Sorry 'bout that.

We did our running around (Wal-Mart, of course) and then headed for Palos Altos and the Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House.  We were early so we decided to have a drink in the bar.  It was cool, the building is from the 1800's, adobe mud on the outside crumbling a little so that you could still see the straw they used in its construction.  The wooden bar was dark wood, they said it was the original one that they put in the building.  Gorgeous, with old leaded mirrors etc.  The best part was that I rediscovered how wonderful a real Coors in the bottle tastes.  I mean "real" as in it isn't the watered down version we get in Florida.  

(Gale W. & Rena T.)

After we finished our drinks, Rena and Gale came in. They had been out in the parking lot waiting for us to pull up.  I had to tell Rena that the crazy car had broken down again!  I gave her the directions to Brandon's house, his address, and the keys.  She said she'd take care of the rest.  We all went into the restaurant portion of the Buckhorn and had a wonderful dinner (and another beer). Rena insisted on paying for it all.  What a sweet lady! (Rena, I know you felt horrid about the car, but you should have at least let us get the tip!)

Then it was on to the show!  What a quirky little thing that was.  It was pretty funny, with sing-a-longs, popcorn throwing, and a skit about government conspiracies run amuck!

Let's just say that Lela and I had the best time.  How wonderful to be taken in and adopted by such nice people.  It makes me wish that more places had people as nice as those in Silver City, New Mexico!

Gale, Me and Rena!

Of course, now Rena as decided that we are all going to go to Italy next summer and that we have to take Lela because she speaks so many languages that we won't have to learn any ourselves! LOL!

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