Chick Trip 2002

June 23rd

Gila, New Mexico



Today we hung out at the Casitas. We went for a long walk and found many more Fire Agates.  We saw lots of wildlife including some snakes.  Lela found a horseshoe which we of course kept!  Boy, did we need it! (It was pretty funny trying to explain to Becky and Michael that the car had died again!)  


Our other activities this day were to try and finish up the food, read our books, observe the hummingbirds and other birds around the Casitas, and relax! 


That evening, we wandered down to the hot tub and relaxed with a bottle of wine.  We did more fashion shoot photography there with a gorgeous sunset as a background.  Unfortunately, I went back to the Casita and left the camera there. I say it was unfortunate because when I got back, the most beautiful FULL MOON was rising over the mountains in the east. It lit up the whole earth!  What a perfect and wonderful way to end our stay at the Casitas de Gila!

Here are some of the fashion shots!

cdglelahottub.jpg (24758 bytes)        cdghottubtam2.jpg (23809 bytes)        cdghottublelapose.jpg (22441 bytes)

cdghottublelapose2.jpg (26528 bytes)        cdghottubtampose.jpg (18113 bytes)


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