Chick Trip 2002

June 24th

Gila, New Mexico to Scottsdale, Arizona


Today was a busy day! We got up and packed our bags into the rental car.  We said goodbye to Becky and Michael and drove out into the hectic world again.  When we got to Silver City, we stopped at the library to check our email.  Also, I uploaded some photos to the WWW because I thought the hard drive in Dad's laptop was going.  We headed over to Jeff's garage.  Jeff had gotten our car on Sunday morning and brought it to the shop.  It seems that the wheel that holds the belt was a couple microns different in width from the previous one.  Therefore, the new belt could not deal with being on different width wheels and shredded.  Luckily,  they still had the wheel from the dead alternator and just switched it out with the odd-sized one on the new alternator.  There was no charge for this or the tow it took to get my little car to the shop. Jeff even called the warrantee people and had them authorize two more rental car days!  What a wonderful guy! 

Where do you go when you need car repairs in Silver City?


The Answer is Jeff's!

We said our goodbyes and gave hugs all round! Lela and I then returned our rental car to Mr. Taylor's car place.  We headed to the Laundromat and started a couple loads.  Lela was hungry and had a craving for Jalisco's refried beans so she headed across the Big Ditch and into town.  She got back as I was folding up the last bit of clothes.  We then zipped across the parking lot to the carwash and gave the VW a bath.  Wow, did it look better after that!

We had a few more stops in town, including Wal-Mart to pick up Lela's photos.  

From there it was all zipping and zooming down the road to Scottsdale, Arizona.  We wanted to stay in this Ramada Resort we saw advertised all over the place, but once we found it (even with the crappy directions) we found it to be in boarded up!  We thought it pretty shifty of them to have valid coupons offering a killer deal on a hotel that was closed.  But, we ended up waiting in the Best Western of Tempe. They had no questions about our coupon and we got the $135.00 room for $45.00!  It was awesome and we were directed to the downtown shopping area where there were tons of restaurants and nightclubs for the college kids who attended the University of Arizona, Tempe!  



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