Chick Trip 2002

June 25th

Scottsdale, Arizona to Sedona Arizona

Today we did some really cool things.  First, we checked out of our hotel and then we drove to a couple thrift shops in Scottsdale. For those of you who don't know, that is the really rich area of town.  I found a nice dress and a pair of shorts.


After that, we went to a place I had been reading all about since I started getting brochures on the city a year before. It was called Cosanti and is an artist's home and workshop.  His name is Paolo Soleri. He built his own place in the desert of Scottsdale before it was a big deal kind of town.  He sells his art from the shop next to his workshop. 


He has several apprentices who work to recreate his art, mainly windchimes and windbells. Lela and I each bought a chime and vowed to return as soon as we won the Lotto!  There were some really spectacular, huge windbells that were so beautiful they took your breath away. Also, they sounded great!  The wind blowing through the work area and show area stirred them to song, making a surrealistic and calm setting! Ahhhh...



It is really hard to choose a windbell because they are all individual.  Each one has a different look, different colors and a different sound.  Lela did her best and got a cute little one.  I got a larger one, but just as pretty. Here Lela tries to choose.




What is a really cool place to buy a piece of art?


The Answer is Cosanti in Scottsdale, Arizona!








I had to take a picture of one of the main streets in Scottsdale,  Shea Blvd! I hope my step-son, Shea, thinks that is cool!




After we got done test-listening all the windchimes and windbells at Cosanti, we proceeded to a true marvel of architecture!  That's right, Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West!  Lela had no idea who Frank Lloyd Wright was or how much influence he had on architecture the world over and how much his designs and ideas affect how we construct buildings today! I explained to her some of the things he was and is famous for; cantilevered roofs and using the construction site's natural materials and personality to dictate what the building would look like. 

Here are some thumbnails of us just sitting around in Taliesin West!

fllwden2.jpg (21660 bytes)    fllwden3.jpg (29436 bytes)    fllwden4.jpg (33377 bytes)    fllwdenfireplace.jpg (24904 bytes)

Here are some shots from the outside of the house and the grounds.

fllwdragons.jpg (28722 bytes)    fllwhouse.jpg (28159 bytes)    fllwhouseboth.jpg (32097 bytes)    fllwhouseguy.jpg (42754 bytes)

At the end of the tour, we got to have a seat in the theatre he built here complete with nearly perfect acoustics and a piano built into a niche in the wall so it would not take up a lot of room.

fllwtheatre.jpg (29729 bytes)    fllwpianoguy.jpg (15625 bytes)

Some things you should know before visiting Taliesin West?  Try to go when it is cool; we were there in the heat of the day which  was around 114 degrees.  There were some folks in our tour group who I thought were going to have a heart attack or stroke.  Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk; you are walking around this giant spread out house and compound that covers a large area.  Bring water; they give you water, but bring more anyway.  Be prepared to pay; the price is something like $20.00 a person depending on age and discounts etc. but is well worth it. 

From Scottsdale we headed into the mountains to Sedona, Arizona.  Red rock country. Land of vortexes and harmony.  The drive into Sedona was lovely. Little did we know.

We had arranged to stay in the Hostel Sedona. It was only $35.00 a night for a private room. Yes, we had qualms, but we had called and talked to the people there.  We'd asked about what staying in a hostel was like and how it worked. We felt comfortable with our decision. That is, until we got there... 

Once we arrived, we found out the private room was really a shed with a bed in it. There was no bathroom in it. The bathroom inside the main women's living quarters did not even have an enclosed toilet stall; it just had some sort of swinging door setup.  Additionally, we'd not been told that we were expected to do a daily chore around the place; not that we were against such things, but we certainly had not been informed of this.  Lela and I tried to make a go of it. That evening we went on a walk and stopped into the Sedona Motel. They had rooms with 2 double beds, AC, a microwave, a fridge, and a bathroom! For 49.00 a night.  Well, it didn't take us long to figure out we'd lose a little money but be very much more comfortable in this place.  Our decision was rally made for us when we got back to the hostel and for the second time that evening, were surrounded by pot smoke. Ugh!  I knew that some people who frequent hostels used drugs, but we definitely didn't feel like we should have to be exposed to it 24 hours a day! In the end, we only lost two night's lodging costs, we figured $70.00 was a small loss to pay for comfort!


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