Chick Trip 2002

June 26th

Sedona, Arizona

Dad and Eric both laughed at us when we told them of our ill-fated hostel experiment.  Dad was convinced that we should have stayed, that we certainly could not have had a view from our little motel.  Yeah, no view at all out the front door of our room.. 

Certainly not to the left.


Nor to the front.

And the view on the right was boring too.




Such a shame we had to endure this non-scenery!  LOL!  




Today we shopped in the morning and went to the Red Rock State Park in the afternoon.  It was not crowded.  We took a picnic lunch of wine, cheese, crackers, and grapes.  Then we went hiking on some of the trails. The park has the perfect name because, as you can see, it is surrounded by gorgeous red rock formations and fantastic views!

sazrrspboth.jpg (25626 bytes)        sazrrspboth2.jpg (24776 bytes)

Near the creek which flows through the valley here, there are many Cottonwood trees.  Some of them were quite huge, get a look at this big boy we saw!

Here is another cool tree we saw.  Doesn't it look cool with the red rocks behind it, glimpsed through its branches?

The saddest thing we saw was this home.  It was called the House of Apache Fire and topped a smaller hill in the middle of the valley here.  It was built by an airline tycoon and his wife. They soon divorced and the house was abandoned and never completed.  Over the years, there have been attempts to salvage, remodel, use, etc. but to this day it is surrounded by a chain link fence; no admittance allowed.  The park service here owns it and hopes to use it one day.


After this little adventure (the hike turned into a 3 hour tour), we were totally hungry and thirsty.  We went into Sedona to get some munchies.  We had fajitas at a place called Rosebud's.  It was OK, nothing to scream and shout over.  More shopping, then back to the hotel.  We rested a while, then headed across the street to the Hideaway Restaurant.  We had a nice Italian style meal of spaghetti and meatballs.  I had a beer and Lela had a Margarita...with lots of salt! Everything was delicious!  We took a walk through the Tlaquepaque shopping center area down the street. There were gardens, courtyards, restaurants, shops, and water fountains...the place was mostly closed and deserted.  It is owned by the same person who owns the hostel; not sure what that says, but it says something I am sure. Whatever the case, Lela and I thought it was kind of funny to realize that the town shut down when the sun set.  There really was no  night life in Sedona at all that we could discern.

You can find lots of information on the town at Despite the difficulties we had, it really was a wonderful place to stay.  


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