Chick Trip 2002

June 27th

Sedona, Arizona & Clarkdale, Arizona

Today we had afternoon reservations to ride the Verde Valley Railroad train at Clarkdale.  So, this morning we wandered into the Goodwill in Sedona and shopped a bit there.  We also stopped by the library to check our email.  The library in Sedona is kind of neat, built out of the red rock native to the area and sporting a huge statue of the town's namesake, Sedona Schnebly, out front.

We took the lovely drive to Clarkdale.  We decided to have lunch in town instead of at the train station.  Boy, were we glad. We ate yummy chili at the Clark Cafe and when we got to the train and saw how expensive their meals were, we were thankful because we knew we'd made a good decision.




Once on the train, you can choose to sit inside the cars or you can go out onto the open air cars.  The ride is about two hours each way with a stop in the middle to switch the engine from one end of the train to the other. The train was decorated with flags, which I thought was a neat sight especially against the blue of the sky and the red of the mountains.





 The Railroad had a guy that came out every so often to talk about the things we were passing on the trip. Below you can see a photo of some Indian cliff dwellings. They were most likely storage places for food, water, ammunition, etc. but could also have been used for short term housing. 


Lela had a great time watching the scenery roll by. It was very peaceful with the gentle rocking and clickety-clacking of the train as it rolled along the tracks.

We were careful to drink a lot of water and to stay in the shade as much as possible.  We also made sure we had sunblock on us. I bet there were a lot of people who went home and wished they had!

Yes, the Verde Valley and the train ride through it were just great and we'd recommend it heartily. It was a bit pricey at $79.90 for both Lela and me, but because we'd eaten outside the station, and brought our own water and snacks, we thought it an excellent way to spend the day. How often do you get the chance to ride on a train these days?

On the train, we'd heard about a restaurant in Sedona that served cactus fries made out of real cactus plant leaves! The restaurant, The Cowboy Club, was highly recommended for its Margaritas which cinched it with Lela as to whether she'd like to give it a go.  Well, the fries, the Margaritas, and the Oak Creek Ale (a local microbrew) all met with our approval - totally delicious!  The cactus fries were basically breaded strips of cactus, deep fried and served with a black bean salsa. Try them. You will like them!


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