Chick Trip 2002

June 28th

Sedona, Arizona to Williams, Arizona

We decided to augment our plans and leave Sedona earlier than we'd planned. We did stop in town and get some souvenirs for people and Lela picked up some Teva sandals because her others had been super-glued together too many times to hold!  We had decided to go to Flagstaff that night and then head to the south rim of the Grand Canyon  the next day.  After the myriad of rude hotel people (who refused to honor the coupons we had in any way, shape or form), the traffic congested more than downtown Fort Lauderdale on a Spring Break Saturday night, the construction solid for miles and miles, we decided to thumb our noses at Flagstaff and get the heck out! We dubbed it The City from Hell! (Our apologies to those who might have found it a friendly town - we did not) 

Go west, Gals! Go west!

On to Williams, Arizona.  We looked at the map and decided to go here because it was just  a short drive north from there to the south rim off the Grand Canyon. Holy cow!  What a cool little town, especially after the snubbing we endured in Flagstaff!  The Econolodge of Williams, Arizona honored our coupon and applied it to both nights we intended to stay. It was clean and next to everything you'd care to do in Williams! We walked the shopping area of the downtown and got some bits and pieces for friends. We watched a local group of musicians parade the sidewalk like a Civil War band. Then we had the best darn fajitas at a little place called Cruiser's Cafe 66.  I suppose it is called that because the road that goes through Williams is historic Route 66!  So, to get our kicks, we sat out on the sidewalk cafe part of Cruiser's and listened to the guitar player serenade us!


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