Chick Trip 2002

June 29th

Williams, Arizona & Grand Canyon, Arizona

We awoke to another great day in Williams, Arizona! 

What's the most spectacular sight in the United States of America?

The Answer is The Grand Canyon!


We headed out to the Grand Canyon in the morning.  For those of you who have not had the privilege of seeing this thing, it is essentially a big hole in the ground. But, if I were to suggest the one thing to see in our country, the Grand Canyon would be it.  It is impossible to see it and take it all in without taking a little time to walk its edge and sit and look. 

One thing we did that really helped us to understand the scope and breadth of the canyon was to go to the IMAX theatre on the way to the park.  The show is about a half hour long and on this really huge screen.  It was ten bucks apiece for us, but well worth it.

We went for a walk along the rim; The Answer came along to check it out too.  We stopped several times to take photos and watch the birds and clouds.

Another neat thing is that the wind blows out of the canyon and through the forest that sits at the edge, making soft whistling sounds. Ahhh...


Here we are on the edge.  Notice there is no fence.  Several people meet their doom each year by falling off the rim.  The canyon is up to 18 miles across and a mile or so deep, that's quite a fall.  The colors of the rocks are fascinating, vivid oranges and reds, greens and beiges.  You can see how it is a pretty sudden drop-off.  I always wonder what the pioneers thought when they topped the gentle rise of a hill that approaches the canyon only to find themselves looking straight down for a mile!  It is still startling for me to come upon it by foot or by car.




At the end of the road on the Grand Canyon's South Rim sits a group of buildings, including the El Tovar Hotel where Teddy Roosevelt and many other famous people have stayed. It has really dark wood and looks like a hunting lodge, which I suppose is exactly what it is!

Outside of the hotel and shops is an observation point. The wind was blowing pretty fiercely here. You can make reservations online for the hotels at the Canyon.  A company called Xanterra takes care of it for the park service. The prices are pretty reasonable considering you are staying at one of the natural wonders of the entire planet and in an historic lodge no less!




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