Chick Trip 2002

June 30th

Williams, Arizona to Page, Arizona

This morning we drove to Page, Arizona.  This is where the Glen Canyon Dam is located. When they built it, they created Lake Powell. It is a lovely sight, but very barren because it is located in the center of the desert.  Many people bring their boats and launch onto the lake.  You can rent boats too at the marina.  A houseboat would probably be the coolest thing to rent.  Lela and I went into the park, but we did not stay long.  After checking the price for a room in the hotel located on the lake itself, we decided our budget would not like it!

We ended up checking into the Quality Inn in Page, which was nice. Page is the little city next to the lake. We ate dinner at this little Mexican restaurant called Zapata's.  It was in a little shopping center which happened to house the local Chamber of Commerce offices. We shopped after eating and stopped in the Chamber where we made reservations to go on a half day river float in the canyon the next day.  The people in the Chamber were totally nice and helpful; they even gave us little goodie bags for our trip!

Being tired from our drive, we ended up watching the sunset from the parking lot of the hotel which was on top of a hill overlooking the dam, Lake Powell and a golf course.







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