Chick Trip 2002

July 2nd

Page, Arizona to Grand Canyon North Rim, Arizona

Today we set forth on the last leg of our journey before we had to head home to Florida.    We set off from Page, Arizona, in the morning and made a short stop to see the Horseshoe Bend from the top of Glen Canyon.

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Let me tell you it was very eerie and not a little scary to be standing or crawling on the edge.  Wow, what a sight! Totally worth the short hike.  Be warned though that you will need water, a hat, and good shoes.  You will be walking through sand and it is the desert, so be careful to drink fluids even though it is a short side trip.

From here we headed to the Grand Canyon North Rim!  I have wanted to visit it since I first saw the Canyon's south side in 1986.  We had reserved a Frontier style cabin on the Grand Canyon's North Rim for two nights. It was quite a long drive from our stop at the Horseshoe Bend to the lodge at the Canyon.  The neat part is that you go from a desert climate that is barren and rocky to the high pine forests and meadows of the mountains.  



We checked in and goofed around this evening, just exploring the area.  A note about checking into the cabins, apparently it is on a first come, first served basis as to which one you get.  It is sort of like a lottery.  They tell you which ones are available at that time and you pick from those.  This is even if you have a reservation; which I thought was not very fair.  But, that was the system, so far be it from me to argue about it.  We chose one closer to the Lodge.  Above are some of the smaller, Frontier cabins like the one we stayed in.  There are two rooms in each cabin. There is a door at each end and a wall down the middle to separate the rooms.  The wall is thin so please be courteous of your cabin mates and try to keep it down.  There was a clueless couple with two loud kids on the other side of us one night and they kept banging things.  You can rent a whole cabin and open the door between the rooms if you like.  In case you'd care to see one of the larger cabins, here they are.  They also have two units in each building.  They are definitely nicer and have big porches with rocking chairs.  If I go again, this is what I will get. As for the views form the cabins, there are ones closer to the edge of the Canyon, but they might not have great views because of the trees.  The ones that, in our opinion, had the best views were the bigger cabins on the edge. Check out this copy of a map. The bigger ones are located on the southeast part of the map.

We walked down to this little observation platform and just soaked in the view.  It was wondrous!




This deer was taking a nap under the back stairs of the Lodge!  I think the people working in the restaurant must have fed it leftover lettuce or something because you could tell it was used to hanging out there. Of course, maybe it just liked the shade.










After that, we went for a walk along one of the trails and saw this deer.  She was just meandering along, not paying too much attention to us humans.  There were a few other groups of people who stopped and got pictures of her before she tired of us and took a shortcut through the woods to get away from us.





 We ate dinner out of the cooler and had a bottle of wine we brought all the way from Florida. Cheese, crackers, grapes, strawberries and wine...what more could you ask? As you can see by Lela's attire, the temperature dipped down into the frosty 70s. Brrrrrr...

Later, we went to the Roughrider Saloon and had a drink.  It was nice, but the bartender did not know how to make a Margarita according to Lela.  We also made dinner reservations for the following evening so we could say we had dinner in the Grand Canyon Lodge!

We slept with the windows open, bundled in our covers, listening to the breezes blowing through the pine boughs.





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