Chick Trip 2002

July 3rd

Grand Canyon North Rim, Arizona

This page will take a while to load, lots of pictures!

Today we intended to have a picnic.  We drove with the top down on the car to the Walhalla Plateau to visit the overlook there and Cape Royal.  What a beautiful drive through the pines!

It was looking kind of stormy but we took our chances.  As we sat and snick-snacked, the storms got closer and the thunder more ominous.  So, after enjoying only a part of our meal, we decided it was better to be safe than sorry, and we packed up to head back to the Lodge.



We did stop briefly to walk the trail to Cape Royal.  We met another photographer who graciously offered to take our picture.  


What a shame that we were not able to stay and hike all the way to the end of the trail.  It is definitely on my list of to-do's for the next time I visit the North Rim.





So, we drove back to the Grand Canyon Lodge and decide to just relax and enjoy the view from the sundeck there.  

The rain had cleared up for the most part by the time we got back (wouldn't you know it) so the porch was buzzing with like-minded people.  After a short wait we commandeered a couple chairs and sat down to read a few pages from our books. It was a hard chore but we stuck to our task bravely!

Lela was just plain worn out from all that hard work!



The storms moved in again and gave us a brief shower.  We headed back to the cabin to nap a bit and read some more.  


It was nice to relax, but I really wished that we could have been outside enjoying the sights.  That is the way the cookie crumbles though, so we made the best of it.


Before we got ready for dinner, we did go out and walk around some more. We wandered out to the bright angel point to look around. It was a nice walk and we enjoyed ourselves.

I played around a little bit and took some nature photos.
Here is a pretty tree that was sitting right on the edge of the canyon!


After dinner, we got our jackets and went to see the sunset. We missed most of it because, for some reason, the sun sets slower in the West.  It is not like in Florida, where when the sun gets close to the horizon you can see it move and it takes about 10 minutes to go down.  Out here it takes about a half hour or more.

Dinner was awesome, by the way!  We got to sit next to the windows and watch the Grand Canyon just "be" as we ate.  The meal was expensive, but worth it.  Lots of garlic, Portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and pasta in mine! Lela had a fancy salad!  Heaven!


Yep, it was a great day!




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