Chick Trip 2002

July 7th

Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Lake City, Florida


Another day of heavy driving.  We were pretty anxious to get home by this time.  We got to Florida and the first thing we did was stop at a SuperWalmart to get fruit!  Wow, were we glad to be back in the Sunshine State!  We got east of Tallahassee and the traffic started to get really hairy.  We stopped in Lake City for our last night on the road.  The Scottish Inn there is wonderful - price-wise, clean-wise, and very nice proprietors!  The nicest thing was how they cared for the flowers around their hotel.  Very pretty! You could tell they cared!

We walked next door to the Ryan's Family Steakhouse for dinner at their buffet.  Lela was impressed with the selection. It was good, especially the fried chicken.  We got everything coordinated to meet Dad just east of Tampa the following morning.  That way, he wouldn't have to drive all the way to my house to get Lela.  We went through all our bags, packed everything just right, and divided our belongings.  Then we packed the car.  It's almost like we were organized!



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