Chick Trip 2002

July 8th

Lake City, Florida to Home!


We got on the road around 9 AM.  The drive to Tampa was no sweat!  We met Dad at the Wendy's restaurant just east of Tampa.  We unloaded Lela's stuff, gave hugs all around and I headed back to Cocoa all by myself.  The traffic was horrid.  Just about 10 miles before I got to the intersection of I-4 and US-27, the traffic slowed to a crawl.  I swore it was an accident but apparently it was just people who had no idea how to drive.  So, it took a while longer to get home, but I made it safe and sound.


I hope you enjoyed the Chick Trip! Lela and I certainly did. We thank everyone who helped us and entertained us through the 5 weeks we were gone.  Most especially, we thanks Margaret and Henry and the Little People in 'Nawlins and Rena, Gale, and Jeff in Silver City, Becky and Michael in Gila, and Eric and Vic.  We thank Eric (my dear husband) and Vic (my dad, Lela's beau) for encouraging us to go and have a great time.  We certainly could not have done it without their support.

Love, hugs, kisses, etc.  ~   until next time!




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