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Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City, Baby!

Note: Some Photos only have the thumbnails.  In the interest of reducing my webspace, I paired off some larger photos. But I left the thumbnails for you to squint at.

For our ninth anniversary, which is February 13th, 2003, Eric and I took an early trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Every year, we try to take a short vacation in celebration of our marriage. This is the year we decided to take advantage of a long holiday break and fly to Las Vegas!  We prepared by getting a whole bunch of funky clothes, hence the fashion shots you will see below.

We stayed in the Luxor Hotel and Casino.    That is the Egyptian-themed resort.  Here is the view from our window.  Check out the back of the Sphinx's head, the mountains and the airport. On the left, I had to put four photos together to make the panoramic view, so it looks a little choppy.  On the right is the view of a beautiful sunset.  Click on the thumbnail images to see the photos full size.

outwindow.jpg (96076 bytes)                    sunsetfromroom.jpg (80299 bytes)

The room was super nice too.  Here are some shots of it.  The window is part of the pyramid, so it is slanted.





The inside of the pyramid is slanted to and big enough to hold entire buildings, like a movie theatre, restaurants, etc. 


Here is a view inside the pyramid, looking toward our room.  Look directly across and our room was to the right of the elevator, excuse me - the inclinator.  Inclinators are elevators that travel at an angle and they were invented for the Luxor!  Let me tell you, it was certainly odd to be traveling up AND sideways at the same time.





This view on the right is from near our room looking down onto the second floor area where the movie theatre was and other things like an arcade.  These were a few of the things that kids could actually do at the Luxor. Though we saw many children in Las Vegas, we decided that it was definitely not a place for them.  I mean, how cruel is it to take a child to the biggest video arcades and gaming rooms and they aren't allowed to touch it!  No, we decided that Las Vegas is really for people over 21.

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We did do a lot of walking around one day, all the way down the strip to Treasure Island.  We walked through the really fancy casinos like the Bellagio and the Venetian.  Because the winds were really blowing on this day, they did not have Bellagio's fountain show.  What a shame.

Las Vegas was in the holiday spirit as you can see by this giant pile of ornaments, in what other color but GOLD, of course!

On our day of walking, we made sure to stop at the ONE PLACE Patrick wanted us to visit.  That was the White Tiger viewing stand in the Mirage.  Siegfried and Roy do their magic act there with the tigers and white lions as well.  We got a few photos for Pat and some souvenirs too!


wt1.jpg (46819 bytes)            wt3.jpg (38188 bytes)            wt2.jpg (52351 bytes)

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We did step out and see a show the second night we were in Las Vegas.  We went to see Rick Springfield LIVE (Nyah, Nyah, Erin!) in the MGM Grand show called EFX Alive.  It was pretty good; the man is still mighty callipygous!



The EFX Alive show was at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. They have this giant gold lion out front that looked especially cool at night. It was kinda hard to get a good shot as the lights on the building and passing cars confused the digital camera.


Here we are in front of the lion and all the action!

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The Strip at night was a wonder to behold!  Lights are everywhere and are every color you can think of!

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Speaking of the Strip, a major activity in Las Vegas, at least for Eric and me, was going out on the town.  Not that we actually ended up doing a lot of things, but dressing up and looking good for each other was definitely great fun!  Here are some fashion shots of us on a couple of the nights we went out. The third one is from New Years Eve.


nightout1.jpg (91298 bytes)    nightout2.jpg (85378 bytes)    nightout4.jpg (30324 bytes)    nightout5.jpg (75123 bytes)


Eric got the photography bug and took a couple fashion shots of me.  I like the third one best!


luxortam.jpg (21131 bytes)            luxortam2.jpg (19765 bytes)            luxortam3.jpg (50709 bytes)


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On three nights, we wandered over to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino to check out this band that played in one of their lounges.  They were wonderful and very fun to watch. Best of all for Eric, they specialized in 70s tunes!  The base player looked suspiciously like my friend, KJ, who denies being in Sin City over the holiday break.


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One day we did a little exploring outside of the Strip area.  We had vowed that if we ever got to Vegas, we would visit the Las Vegas Hilton's Star Trek Experience.  Eric is a big fan of Star Trek, so it was a must see!  It was a little pricey, but we went through twice (you can go as many times as you like on the day you buy your ticket).  Then we had lunch at Quark's bar.  We took some pictures of the starships and Eric.  We met a Klingon warrior who obliged our request for a photo.

st1.jpg (31993 bytes)        st2.jpg (27652 bytes)        steric.jpg (51278 bytes)        sttam.jpg (53549 bytes)


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Yep, Vegas was a ton of fun.  By the end of the week, though, we were ready to return to civilization in the real world.  Would we come back?  We are certainly thinking about it!  Here we are outside the front of the Luxor.  You can see the pyramid and the Sphinx.  The light on top beams straight out into space.  I guess they are hoping for some interplanetary business one day.


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