Sin City


October 22, 2004 ~ November 2, 2004

October, 2004, found us once again in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Our tenth anniversary celebrated eight months late.  Here are some photos & highlights from our trip. Click on the thumbnails below for as larger view.

Note: Some Photos only have the thumbnails.  In the interest of reducing my webspace, I paired off some larger photos. But I left the thumbnails for you to squint at.


Various shots from our hotel, the Monte Carlo!

Daylight view from our window.

View from our room at dusk.

Nighttime view looking west toward the Rio & Palms

Daytime view looking west at the snow that fell in the mountains.

Looking down at the pool from our room on the 27th floor.

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The fountain show at the Bellagio!

Wow! Those are some high jets of water. So pretty, and the music made it even better! You can see the Monte Carlo from here!
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The Pirate Show at TI ~ That's Treasure Island, Matey!

Some of the dancers in the show. The cast takes a bow. The ship and hotel. BOOM! The sleepy pirate village.
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Walking down the strip at night.

From clear... soft... artsy. Eric & me Julius says come on in!
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My Pen-pal, Marian, and me!

We had a great time eating dinner.  Time flew by and she and her wonderful man, Jim, had to go home.  It was so nice to actually meet and talk with her!

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Fashion shots of Eric and me as we head out on the town!
Funky town, here we come! Growl! He is so cute! Ready to party! Heading to the Tom Jones concert!
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Is he the cutest, or what?!
Just had to get a shot of my beau in his go-out-on-the-town, hunky clothes and his cool hair and goatee.
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McCarrin Airport
Even the airport terminal has an awesome view!
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Of course, there were other adventures.  Sorry to disappoint you, but as you know...
What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

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By Tamara Hedley Rutenber
December 2, 2004
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