Batch Eight



We stopped in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was an interesting little town, but way too commercialized for tourists.  Also, young people, many of them on drugs, have discovered that they like sitting in the square in the evening and that made it sort of unsavory.  The next morning it was not so bad. 

 I got a present for Erin at the street market above (haha - now she will be dying to know!) and we did go to Lela's favorite dress shop! Woohoo! She  got a really cool skirt.

Then it was on to Taos, NM, to eat at the greatest restaurant in town!  Yeah Ogelvies!!

I have been meaning to get back to this place since Dad and I were there 4 years ago.  I had to have the recipe for their Cashew Chicken.  After a lot of begging, the chef came out and actually gave me the secret!  Just wait til I get home!


Here, Dad makes a typical goofy Dad pose in front of the Shiprock.  It is a monolithic rock that the pioneers used to guide them west in the NW section of New Mexico.

We went over the bridge at Lake Powell's Glen Canyon Dam and stopped for a peek.  It was pretty impressive and kinda scary.


Dad has always been fascinated with dams and springs and stuff. Here he ponders a true engineering wonder!


After the dam, we wandered on to Bryce Canyon in Utah.  A truly magnificent sight!  Here are some shots of us there.  There is an additional page of scenic shots I took the next morning as the sun rose. Click here to see them.

Lela was freaking out because it was so cold...60 degrees - HOLY COW!

And our elevation at Farview was pretty high up there!

The ground squirrels and chipmunks were so dang cute and came right up for a cracker!

Consequently, they were some pretty hefty little guys!

This is the Natural Bridge at Bryce Canyon.

Lela was totally freaking out on the cold!


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