Batch Five



Lela, the international traveler, arrives from Slovenia after 20 + hours in the air.  Can you believe she is still able to smile?!

The next day, we drove to Tucson and met up with Shawn, his wife, Patty, and their son, Zack.

Zack shows PapaVic and Lela the neat scrapbook his Kindergarten teacher put together for him to chronicle his progress and achievements in school.

Shawn and Zack spend some quiet time together while poor Toby, their doggie, has to deal with a cone thing.  He had been scratching his ear and would not stop long enuf to let it heal.  Actually, he gets around pretty well in spite of it.

Vic and Zack finally decide to listen to Shawn, the only one who actually read the directions to the RC plane Vic got for the lil' guy.  Can you believe Shawn read the directions?  Who is this guy and what did he do with my brother!?

Despite all the adult supervision, Zack manages to charge up the plane.


Patty and the rest of us sat under a tree to watch the production.  Finally, Shawn did manage to fly the thing.  WOW! It flew great...until it crashed into the pavillion and broke the tail fins off.  Well, home to glue and tape!  It was too funny. Tam was laughing so hard she couldn't get a picture.  :-)

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