Batch Nine


Here are a couple more shots of Bryce Canyon.  The natural bridge was beautiful.

The Hoodoos below are totally awesome and a bit eerie.  The word Hoodoo comes from the same African words that Voodoo came from because they are a bit scary looking, almost supernatural.

I caught this deer the morning I went out early

In Milford, Utah, we got some really cool samples of Malachite and Azurite.  The blue rocks were everywhere!

Every adventure has a downside.  Dad pays the price of driving over really rough sharp rocks.

Our fruitless search for trilobite fossils did turn up something cool. Lela found this snake trying to eat his catch, a bunny.

One of the many bands of rain coming from the Monsoon.  The rain was falling so hard you could not see behind it.

Yep, Montana is going to be really interesting.  We got early warning of their sense of humor when we stopped at a rest stop and saw this  OFFICIAL HISTORIC MARKER! What a hoot!

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