Batch One



The first part of our trip was spent getting out West in the first place.  We ZOOMED here with a brief stop in Pensacola, Florida, to visit with Dad's cousin, LJ, and his wife, Barbara.

We made a quick pit stop in San Antonio, Texas to Remember the Alamo and grab lunch at Dick's Last Resort where the waiter was afraid Dad would try to slip him a social security check.

The next spot we stopped for a meal was in Van Horn, Texas. There we saw the awesome jersey collection of Torre Van Horn, a young lady her father named after his good friend, Joe Torre, manager of the World Champion New York Yankees!  (Go Ansky!)

Common after-meal view from the driver's seat!

While Dad snoozes, Tam sneaks the radio on...

That's why she's smilin' & singin' away!

the rugged mountains of New Mexico

Including one that looked oddly bust-like.


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