Batch Six



Shawn had to work so we took Patty and Zack and went to explore the Desert Museum. Zack had been there before with his school so he knew all the really cool things.

Zack, Patty, Vic, Lela, & Tam in front of a large Pipe Organ Cactus


We saw an Oscelot, Rattlesnakes, a Mountain Lion, and Prairie Dogs as well as many other creatures that live in the desert.




Throughout the park, there were bronze statues of the animals of the desert.  They depicted daily life for these creatures.  Here Zack shows us how to ride a Coyote (the statue was actually showing how these doglike critters pounce on their prey, you can see the tiny mouse statue to the right of Zack's foot).

We took some time to take for pictures and portraits of each other.


Lela totally loves cactus!  And she let me take a portrait pic of her that came out great, don't you think?!

Then she made me hide behind a cactus.  Silly.   :-)


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