Batch Three



We spent a day at the Tonto Basin before heading to Phoenix to pick up Lela.  There were many neat things to see.

On the way to the Tonto Basin area, we stopped off at a few sites.

This is the beginning of the Black Hills Scenic Byway.  Dad was impressed that they had a handicapped parking spot in such a deserted place.

We found some awesome Fire Agate at the Black Hills Roundhounding Park.  Wow! Was it a wild and desolate place!

In the valley, we came across a really cool bridge and a dam that fed water out of the lake.

Facing the Lake


Away from the Lake

Dad tries to go a little OVERBOARD!

Maybe he needs a little help!

Of course, we had to go see the cliff dwellings at the Tonto National Monument.

Though similar to the other cliff dwellings we visited, these were created by another people who cultivated the valley and foraged the highlands.  The view of the lake was fabulous; it is a shame the Indians disappeared before the lake was created.


Two deer we saw later in the day.  Dad scared them and they ran off.

The setting sun threw the hills into relief with gorgeous shadows.

A funny road sign.

Goofing around at Dad's orders!




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