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This site is the log of the Summer 2000 Adventures of Victor Hedley and me, his eldest child and daughter, Tamara.  We have been planning it for a long time. Come along for the ride and visit often as we plan to update the site as often as we can.


A note regarding picture pages:

It may take a while to load some pages as they contain a bunch of pictures.  Also, remember to hit your browser's BACK button to return to this page. Thanks and enjoy!

Note: Some Photos only have the thumbnails.  In the interest of reducing my webspace, I paired off some larger photos. But I left the thumbnails for you to squint at.

Batch One          Florida, Texas, New Mexico

Batch Two          Cliff Dwellings at Gila NM, TorC NM, & Greenleaf Mine!

Batch Three          Black Hills Rockhounding, Tonto Basin Dam & Cliff Dwellings

Batch Four          Travertine Natural Bridge & Crinoid Fossils

Batch Five          Lela Joins Us, Tucson AZ
Batch Six          Tuscon Nature Museum
Batch Seven          Rockhounding, Sedona AZ
Batch Eight          Santa Fe & Taos NM, Glen Canyon Dam, Shiprock, Bryce Canyon
Batch Nine          Bryce Canyon, Utah Rockhounding, Entering Montana
Batch Ten          Montana Winery, Glacier National Park
Batch Eleven          Little Big Horn, Wyoming
Batch Twelve         Garden of the Gods, Colorado
Bryce Canyon          More photos of Bryce Canyon
Glacier National Park          More photos of Glacier National Park
The Ghost!          The ghost I took a picture of at Glacier National Park

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